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Three Five is a USA supplier of display systems and human interface solutions for commercial, industrial devices. Three Five, since its founding in 1986 has decades of experience in the market as innovators, designers and customer partnerships. Three Five continues to grow with new technologies in displays and human interfaces that exceed the demands for the future.


Three Five offers OEM’s and ODM’s standard and application-specific display solutions to meet their needs today and into the future. This allows for greater integrations, technology breadth and market acceptability. These solutions based approaches assures you get the right display, input device or system for your applications.



Active Matrix Color TFT

  • Standard TFT Display Module Solutions with and without Touchscreens
  • Full or Semi Custom TFT Module Designs to meet customers needs
  • Super Low cost to High performance TFT Liquid Crystal Cells (TN, WVTN, IPS, MVA, AFFS)
  • Sunlight readable high brightness models
  • Consumer, Industrial, Medical and Automotive grade Solutions

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Mono Passive LCD’s

  • Standard Passive LCD Module Solutions 
  • Full or Semi Custom Passive LCD Module Designs 
  • Super Low cost to High performance Passive Liquid Crystal Cells
  • Transmissive, Transflective and Reflective operating modes
  • Consumer, Industrial, Medical and Automotive grade Solutions

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  • Mono and Full Color Graphics Versions
  • Wide Viewing cone
  • Thin Construction
  • Uniform BrightnessHigh Contrast
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Multiple sizes 0.49” to 2.8″

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Monitor Solutions

  • Complete Industrial Monitors and Open Frame
  • Wide Viewing cone: IPS & TN LCD Technology
  • OS, Windows 7 or higher, Android
  • Integrated Dustproof Front Panel
  • Sound and other options available
  • HDMI, VGA, AV, DVI Inputs
  • Resistive Touch, Cap Touch
  • With and Without touch
  • Multiple sizes 7”to 15.6”
  • Private Labelling
  • DC 7-24V

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Touch Screens

  • Standard Capacitive and Resistive Touch solutions
  • Full or Semi Custom Capacitive & Resistive Touch Designs
  • Single to Multi-Finger Touch capability
  • Glove and Saline water performance
  • Fully Custom Coverglass designs with printed Ink or ceramic Ink
  • Solutions with any Capacitive Touch Manufactures Driver

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