Three Five Corp. today is introducing a family of Low Power IC’s for LCD system integration that will allow for significant extension of battery powered and low power devices. Developed in collaboration, this family of IC’s will allow for passive matrix LCD’s to draw in the area of 30uA in normal operation. This allows for power use numbers to rival memory type LCDs like epaper and cholesteric LCD’s. Three Five a key leader in the HVAC thermostat and security panel market understands the need for lower power radio based controllers and for further use in the “Internet of Things” arena.

“We have worked toward this solution set for 2+ years” stated Bill Lindblad V.P. of Engineering, “and we will continue to innovate to meet our customers visions”..

This IC family has been designed with flexibility in mind, having the ability to run at 3 wire serial (SPI) or 4 wire serial (SPI) with independent data commands, 2 wire I2C or Intel 8 bit.

Currently the IC’s are bound by resolution

TFC4383 (128×64 resolution)

TFC4385 (128×128 resolution)

TFC4388 (240×64 resolution)

TFC4387 (240×96 resolution)

“As our customer continue to look to the interconnected wireless world we as Three Five as their partners need to meet these challenges with real and innovative products”, stated Rob Harrison V.P. of Sales.

Three Five Corp is a worldwide developer display systems and human interface solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, automotive, and IOT markets.