Three Five Corp. is a worldwide developer of display systems and human interface solutions announces the introduction of Passive OLED Displays and Technology to its expanding line of display products. Three Five Corp will add OLEDs to a broad line of small to mid range TFT, passive standard and custom LCD’s and integrated system and user interface products.

“The addition of OLED based products allows us to augment our market expansion and market extension for our customers and partners,” stated Rob Harrison President of Three Five Corp.

The OLED market by had 2009 revenues worldwide just shy of $1 billion. “The addition of the OLED products fits well with our customers’ desiring an emissive slim profile display for their product offering.” stated Bill Lindblad V.P. Eng and Operations.

TFC continues to grow on its strong engineering base and customer support, coupled with new technologies in displays and human interface ability that meets the demands for today and tomorrow. Three Five Corporation focuses on markets in the commercial, industrial, medical, mobile and entertainment area.