ThreeFive Corp. announced today that it has expanded its global engineering network with new design resources located in China and strategically located near many high-profile consumer electronics companies. These additions to the US design center will enable ThreeFive to leverage regional design expertise and full worldwide 24 hr project design based on the rapid response required to the rising needs of the market place.

“Establishing these design resources will position ThreeFive to more effectively serve the rapidly expanding industrial, medical and consumer electronics markets,” said Bill Lindblad, V.P. Engineering for ThreeFive Corp.. “By working closely with the region’s complementary hardware and software suppliers, as well as end customers, we will have the opportunity to develop sophisticated system-level solutions that reduce cost, time-to-market and design complexity. We believe this will unleash greater innovation and differentiation in end products, while increasing the value that ThreeFive brings to the market.”